You’ve undoubtedly experienced the frustration of the leaning tree topper each year when placing the topper onto your tree. The more expensive or sentimental your tree topper is, the more unsettling the feeling you have when worrying about the tree topper falling over and crashing to the ground. The twist-on Tree Topper Holder supports and secures nearly all styles of tree toppers. The interchangeable attachments allow a variety of configurations to fit all tree topper bases including posts, spiral, conical, clamp, and finial. The twist on support rod fits tree trunks up to 1.25″ in diameter, and is topped with a pivoting adjustment to ensure your tree topper is perfectly level. Keep your precious Christmas tree topper safe and secure year after year.


  • [UNIVERSAL] – Mix and match to fit nearly ANY tree topper base
  • [BASE TYPES] – Fits post, spiral, clamp, cone, and finial topper bases
  • [TWISTS ON] – Spirals around tree trunk to secure and prevent falling off
  • [TRUNK SIZES] – Fits tree trunks up to 1.25″ in diameter
  • [PERFECTLY LEVEL] – Pivots and adjusts to level the tree topper