Big Halloween Bows

Orange and black are the colors that are commonly associated with Halloween and Independence Bunting & Flag uses these colors to make 5 different styles of hand-tied Halloween Bows. All of the bows have 6 loops with overlong ties to allow you to hang them from your porch, lamp post, mailbox, fences or anywhere else you think they would show off your Halloween spirit.

They are made with a weather resistant, velvet-like, 2 1/2″ wide ribbon so you can feel safe in hanging them outside as well as indoors. The colors are stitched together to create a beautiful and long-lasting Holiday Bow.

Decorate your Home, Business or Holiday Events with our big Halloween Bows and other Halloween Decorations.

These decorative Halloween bows will add a finishing touch to your home or party.


  • Hand-Tied
  • Stitched for an authentic old time look, not printed
  • Weather Resistant
  • Extra long ties
  • Made in America