Emerald Green satin acetate ribbon.
2 1/2″ Wide X 50 yds.


  • Acetate ribbon is a stylish and functional type of ribbon that’s perfect for gift wrapping, floral arrangements, crafts and DIY projects, and pew bows. It also makes a phenomenal decorative piece at weddings, parties, and other events!
  • 2.5″ wide Emerald Green Satin Acetate Ribbon, 50 yards.
  • This craft ribbon is made from 100% high grade acetate, and was manufactured in the USA to ensure high-grade quality.
  • Features heat fused edges to prevent fraying, and is designed to be water and cold resistant for indoor and outdoor decorations.
  • Our Emerald Green ribbon is a great option for florists, as it can be stored in a floral cooler without losing its shape or color.